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The I-Tower, in comparison to the P-Tower, incorporates the latest analytics software. The advantages are greater distance detection, intruder tracking and the identification of the nature of intrusions (meaning that false activations can be easily explained).


This tower also allows our FLIR unit to be added. The FLIR is mainly used for Early Fire Detection (EFD.) Fire can destroy multiple buildings or installations within an extremely short time frame. With our non-contact method of measuring temperature, thermal imaging cameras can help prevent fires by detecting heat-spots before they ignite.

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100% manufactured in the UK by Portal Security and tailored to your requirements, the P-Tower combines military-grade steel with state-of-the-art technology; designed with the aim of visually effective prevention as well as instant detection of intrusion and evidence gathering. The advantage of this system is the speed with which it can be deployed when securing your business.

During a live incident, an intruder will be challenged by our 24/7 ACS-approved monitoring station, who will first issue a live audio challenge and then contact the Portal out of hours team. If needed, it will request a police priority response from the emergency services.

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Our Daleks are completely free standing, wireless, self-contained security systems. Their versatility makes any installation seamless. The Daleks are powered by lithium batteries that are 100% emission-free.

The Dalek is equipped with PIR motion sensors as well as an integrated digital video camera and infrared illuminators. Together, it's designed to detect an intrusion, instantaneously record a 15-second video and send the video alarm signal to our monitoring station where immediate review/verification can be initiated.

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Check out some pictures of the Dalek in action!

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