Portal Security smartphone app


Traditionally, monitored CCTV cameras had to be armed or disarmed directly on the premises using a keypad. This means that if business or home owners didn’t arm before leaving site, the property would be unprotected. With the Portal Security Smartphone Application, we have created an app to make end-users’ lives easier. Arming and disarming can take place anywhere, by anyone with access.











With two levels of users, as many people as you want will be able to arm and disarm your RE:SURE system. You control who can do so, and it’s straightforward to remove people from your authorised users list.

You can add new users directly from your phone. Removing existing users is done with a simple swipe – giving you complete control at all times.

Sub-divide your property


Not only does the Portal Security Smartphone App provides you with the ability to arm or disarm your security system whilst on the go, but there are also multiple zones.

For large businesses, this means for less chance of your property being compromised if staff are just on one part.

For home owners, you can be in one part of your grounds and know that an intruder cannot break-in simultaneously in another part.

Smart Reminders – never forget again


Never forget to either arm or disarm your site again. With the Portal Security Smartphone App, smart reminders feature, you will get a notification to change the status of the system if it is not already in the desired state. You decide on which days and at which times, and you will get a simple reminder notification.

The Portal Security Smartphone App doesn’t just help you to control your security. We can also sync this with other home technology such as your lights or electric gates, for maximum control. The app also allows you to control multiple sites all from your phone, providing you with a satellite view of all properties in your portfolio.

Complete Visbility


The Portal Security Smartphone App platform logs all arming and disarming activity, meaning you can see when your system was armed or disarmed, and by who.

So, unlike with a keypad, never again will you wonder who was on your property, as you have total tansparency of all comings and goings.

If you so wish, you can also get instant notifications when someone does arm or disarm your Portal Security Monitored CCTV system.

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