A Warm Welcome From The Portal Team

Welcome to Portal Front of House services, we are a ‘Front of House’ specialist provider working alongside Portal Security to provide a world-class FOH service. We began our journey in providing a 5-star FOH service in 2017 and now look after over 12 iconic buildings in London & surrounding areas with our main flagship branch in Mayfair. We know and understand what a client should experience when they visit any one of our buildings, it’s about providing a service of warmth with a personal touch. We recruit and train people from backgrounds such as cabin crew or 5-star hotels and develop ‘Front Of House’ teams that are passionate about what they do.


Touch point moments are what make our service special, it’s what makes a guest to any-one of our buildings feel unique. A great service is about attitude and warmth, showing your personality and who you are but also delivering a 5-star service that is simply unforgettable. It’s about creating a bond with who-ever you encounter, reading that person correctly and knowing how to adjust your service to match the person standing in front of you. It’s what make us who we are.



We offer our own in-house training which involves a full induction on service levels, touchpoint moments and emotional intelligence reading, we understand the importance of being able to read each client differently and provide a service that is suited to each individual. In practical terms, this means being aware that emotions can drive our behaviour and impact people (positively and negatively) and learning how to manage those emotions – both our own and others – particularly under pressure.


We have robust recruitment system in place and tend to recruit highly-trained people, as stated, with backgrounds which range from cabin crew with prestigious airlines to the staff of 5-star hotels. We know that our people are passionate about what they do, and enjoy making others feel special.

Weekly Evaluations

Our FOH staff are visited weekly as we conduct evaluations and mystery visits, we go through any training that is required and new innovations we can put in place to make the journey more seamless for our clients. We also look at procedures on the desk for running the building and make sure existing tenants are happy.